General Conditions

The policy of the services of GUSTO TURİSMO are based on Turkey’s civil legislation.

Guaranteed departures

All departures are guaranteed starting from two passengers. However, if after the confirmation of the tour any participant cancels the trip and therefore there are less participants than the minimum guaranteed, GUSTO TURİSMO reserves the right to cancel the tour. We will not accept payment for double room (total of two) when the passenger (one person) is traveling alone (see supplement for single room).

Tours policy

All reservation requests must be confirmed by us. There will be only reservations for passengers  if they participate in the tour from the first day. Requests made ​​for a different date and/or locations depend on prior confirmation and an extra fee will be charged.

The sequence of the visits

Although our guides try, whenever possible, follow up the same itineraries in the sequence provided, there may be changes in the order of visits to scheduled locations, and there will only be refund if it becomes impossible to enter the place to be visited.

Exclusions of our services

Our packages do not include passport and visa fees (if applicable), travel and health  insurance (we recommend obtaining it in the country of origin), excess baggage charges and all items not specifically mentioned as being included in the package , personal services and items such as laundry, telephone calls and other communication costs, meals and drinks during the tours. Tips for guides and drivers are common and are at the discretion of the participants.


All of our services payments must be made to the office of GUSTO TURİSMO in Istanbul, through direct bank remittance to Turkey or credit card (mail order) in U.S. Dollar or Euro, or other agreed manner. For conversion between dollars and euros, it will be considered  the quotation of currencies on the date of the recruitment of the services. When booking a tour, it will be charged a deposit of 30% (thirty percent) and if it is confirmed, represents full acceptance of the Terms. The remaining payment should be made within 30 days before the start of the tour services.

Accuracy of personal information

Information provided to GUSTO TURİSMO regarding participants’ names and birth dates must match the passport information. We are not responsible for inconveniences arising from incorrect and / or false information. Airlines can deny the boarding if the names given for booking and passport differ.

Discount policy for children

The discount for children accompanied by adults in the tours varies according to the program and the price will be confirmed at time of booking.The general rule is that children accompanied by adults up to 6 years old are not charged for the land portion, and those aged from 6 to 12 years have a 50% discount on the land portion of the travel. For airplanes and cruises, the rules of the companies that provide these services will be followed.


GUSTO TURİSMO is a travel company friend of people with disabilities, however we do not perform specific services for people with special needs, as special bus seats.

Requests for baby seats should be made at least seven days before the start of the service otherwise this extra service cannot be guaranteed and it may be charged to the customer.

Distinguished requests

Distinguished hosting requests such as non smoking room or double bed must be made at the time of initial reservation. Requests like these made ​​after booking may cause difficulties for hotels to meet these demands. Although we do our best to accommodate our customers we will only do according to hotel availability.

Changes in the services

Requests made by customers moments before the start of the service or at the time of the service can cause a lot of problems and extra expenses. However we we will always do our best to answer any last minute requests. Any additional costs for these orders will be immediately paid by the customer and any eventual refunds will be cleared after 15 days of completion of services.

Time for check-in/check-out

The check-in/check-out times in hotels are from 14:00 am and 12:00 pm respectively.

Arrivals at the airport

The staff that awaits the customers at the airport will be properly identified. The person responsible for transfers arrives at the airport 15 minutes before the scheduled landing of the aircraft and waits until 90 minutes after the landing to start the transfer, if other customers are waiting in the vehicle. Guests must carry their own luggage to the vehicle .

Guests arriving before the scheduled time must wait at the airport. If the customer get a taxi to the hotel without having awaited by our staff and / or get in touch with the office, no refund will be made.

In case of delayed flights, problems with luggage in airports or customs documentation, our team will endeavor to help solve the problem as long as reported by the client. The customs and baggage issues must be prepared by the customer, and GUSTO TURİSMO is not responsible for them. Our team is not allowed to enter the environment of the customs authorities and therefore must be informed by the client if help is needed.

For delayed flights, our staff can wait up to a maximum of 2 hours. If the delay is more than 2 hours, the customer can take a taxi to the hotel, without, however, be entitled to any refund. However, if the delay is reported to our team in advance, the transfer service may be arranged.

Airline Tickets

We assume no responsibility for airline tickets or any possible changes or cancellations made by the airline companies. Any modification must be made by the customers themselves.

Missed connecting flight

GUSTO TURİSMO is not responsible if the client misses the connecting flight. In this case the customer will afford the possible extra costs and compensate our team for any losses. The client, therefore, assumes the risk for short intervals connections between flights.


Each participant in our tours may take 1 (one) suitcase of normal size and a hand luggage. Extra baggage will be accepted only when there is sufficient space in vehicles. If there is not enough space for the second luggage, GUSTO TURİSMO retains the right of refusal.

Passports and visas

All passengers must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the return date.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to have proper documentation and visas prior to travel. Ask your travel agent or Consulate for information on passport or visa requirements. If the participant is unable to continue the trip due to lack of necessary documents, he will be obliged to cover the costs involved.

Holidays and Religious Festivals

Museums and historic sites that are under the control of the Ministry of Culture are closed during the first morning of the long holidays while shopping malls and other stores may remain closed throughout the holiday season. Museums such as the Green Mausoleum in Bursa, which are governed by institutions other than the Ministry of Culture, and some markets as the historical Grand Bazaar and the Egyptian Bazaar are closed during the holiday. We assume no responsibility for any damage that may arise due to the holidays.

Some religious holidays have no fixed date, such as the Feast of Ramadan and the Feast of Sacrifice. Official Holidays:

  • January 1st – New Year
  • April 23rd – Independence Day and Children
  • May 19th – Day of Youth and Sports
  • August 30th – Victory Day
  • October 29 – Republic Day

Some museums and local roads may be temporarily closed for restoration purposes or due to the visit of an authority or ceremonies in the days of the holiday and  GUSTO TURİSMO takes no responsibility in such cases, therefore no refund will be made for missed visits.

Weekly closing days of cultural sites in Istanbul:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Sunday
Haghia Sophia
November to April
Topkapi Palace Holy Saviour in Chora Beylerbeyi Palace
Dolmabahce Palace
Grand Bazaar*

* Grand Bazaar closes during RAMADAN FEAST and SACRIFICE FEAST.

Unused services

As the tour fees are based on group rates, no refunds will be made for any service or any part of the program not used after the start of the tour.

Right of refusal

We reserve the right, upon reasonable grounds, to refuse any passenger or retain any person as a participant of the tour if his physical or mental health or his bad behavior prevent the natural continuation of the tour or the well being of other tour participants. In such cases our responsibility, if there will be any, is limited to refund only the cost of tourist services not used.

Cancellation and Refund

Any notice of cancellation by the customer must be made in writing and will become  effective from the response of the GUSTO TURİSMO, which will answer up to 24 hours. In case of cancellation of only one of the guests of a shared room, the fee charged to the remaining participant will be reset to single room.

Cancellation fees:

  1. If the request for cancellation is before 30 days of the initiation of services, a fee of 50 USD will be deducted for the costs of booking. The refund will be made discounting the direct bank remittance costs;
  2. If the cancellation request is done less than 30 days from the beginning of the services, 30% of the fee will be retained to cover operating costs. The refund of this difference will be made discounting the direct bank remittance costs;
  3. If the cancellation request is done less than 48 hours from the beginning of the services no refund of any amount will be made.
  4. If cancellations are made ​​due to reasons of force majeure, our company can be flexible on this and charge only the costs imposed on us by others or renounce any of the cancellation charges, depending on each situation.

Smokers policy

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the tour vehicles. In technical stops smokers can smoke outside the vehicle.

Lost or forgotten items

GUSTO TURİSMO is not responsible for lost or forgotten items during the tours and travel services. However, in the case the object is returned by hotels or others, we can send it to the client, as long as he previously deposits to us the shipping costs.

Final considerations

If the tour participants eventually have a complaint about any service, this should be immediately reported to our team in order to solve the problem. Moreover, such claims on our tours must be sent to us in writing within 30 days after completion of the services. As a reminder, the GUSTO TURİSMO does not deal with any visa problems, is not responsible for loss, stolen or damaged personal items (including money), losses or expenses due to delays or changes in schedules, overbooking of hotels or defects, diseases, epidemics , weather conditions, strikes, war, unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure or any other causes which escape the direct control of the GUSTO TURİSMO.

Thanks for travelling with us!

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